Studio Flamenco’s company of musicians and dancers conjure memories of daily life along the Guadalquivir River. From the region of Cadiz, through Sevilla and Cordoba, and ending with a fiesta in the gypsy quarter of Triana, Recuerdos is a cultural journey the whole family can enjoy.


Adelaide Cabaret Fringe 2018

***RECUERDOS - WINNER Best Ensemble***

CONCEPT Yasmine Hilton & Emma Fernée

CHOREOGRAPHERS Emma Fernée, Susi Masi, Yasmine Hilton & Daniel Lyas

DANCERS: Emma Fernée, Susi Masi, Daniel Lyas, Yasmine Amber, Melissa Walker, Satoko Kelty, Matina Kritikos, Olivia Guarna, Pei Ru Chao, Gabi Baltic

MUSICIANS: Marduk Gault, Aloysius Leeson, Zoe Veléz, Adrian van Nunen

Recuerdos premiered at Nexus Arts in June 2018 as part of the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival.
For a downloadable PDF of the Recuerdos program click here.



Highly entertaining, the artistry and technique of the musicians and dancers was inspiring. The evening had a wonderful dynamic range that kept me entranced right to the end. The footwork was amazing. I left the show thinking, "I want to do Flamenco now!" (Dance Informa magazine)

"An intoxicating experience full of bright colours, rhythmic sounds and joyous emotions" ★ ★ ★ ★1/2 (All Over Adelaide)

The dancing is strong, precise and exciting …. This carefully crafted program shows a new feeling of ensemble in Studio Flamenco, of the dancers being a company well supported by their singer and instrumentalists…” (The Adelaide Review)


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